Altogether 43 research stations located in the ArcticDefinitions of the Arctic vary according to environmental, geographical, political, cultural and scientific perspectives. Some scientists define the Arctic as areas having a high latitude, long winters, short, cool summers,... and northern forest and alpine areas offer Transnational Access in INTERACT. You can find a listing of these stations and the access they offer from the table below.

Information about the availability of the stations during the winter and summer and other practical information can be found from the INTERACT Field Sites or by contacting the INTERACT Transnational Access Coordinator Hannele Savela or relevant station managers.

Short name Station Country SM Contact TA/RA contact RA TA VA
ANS Abisko Scientific Research Station Sweden Magnus Augner Magnus Augner x x x
AKTRU Aktru Research Station Russia Sergey Kirpotin Sergey Astakhov Sergey Kirpotin x x
ARCST Arctic Station Greenland Aart Kroon x x x
WK CEN Whapmagoostui-Kuujuarapik Research Station Canada Claude Tremblay Christine Barnard x
CHO Chokurdakh Scientific Tundra Station Russia Trofim Maximov Trofim Maximov x
DIR-ITA CNR Arctic Station “Dirigibile Italia” Svalbard Stefano Ventura Stefano Ventura x x x
CARS-PETUNIA Czech Arctic Station of Josef Svoboda Svalbard Josef Elster Josef Elster Alex Bernardova x x
ECN CAIRNGORM ECN Cairngorms UK Christopher Andrews Christopher Andrews x
ELG Elgeei Scientific Forest Station Russia Trofim Maximov Trofim Maximov x
FINI Faroe Islands Nature Investigation Faroe Islands Lis Mortensen Lis Mortensen x x
FINSE Finse Alpine Research Centre Norway Torbjørn Ergon Torbjørn Ergon x x
GINR Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland Katrine Raundrup Katrine Raundrup x x x
HYYTIALA Hyytiälä Forestry Research Station (SMEAR II) Finland Jaana Bäck Jaana Bäck x x x
KFRS Kainuu Fisheries Research Station Finland Pekka Hyvärinen Pekka Hyvärinen x x x
KAJ Kajbasovo Research Station Russia Sergey Kirpotin Sergey Kirpotin x
KEVO Kevo Subarctic Research Station Finland Otso Suominen Otso Suominen x x x
KHA Khanymey Research Station Russia Sergey Kirpotin x
KHIBINY Khibiny Educational and Scientific Station Russia Yulia Zaika x x
KILPIS Kilpisjärvi Biological Staion Finland Antero Järvinen Antero Järvinen x x
KLUANE Kluane Lake Research Station Canada Maribeth Murray x
KOLARI Kolari Research Unit Finland Mikko Jokinen Mikko Jokinen x x
MMK-TATRA M&M Klapa Research Station Poland Staszek Kedzia x x
MFS-NYMTO Mukhrino Field Station Russia Elena D. Lapshina x x
SVANHOVD NIBIO Svanhovd Research Station Norway Lars Ola Nilsson Snorre Hagen Paul-Erik Aspholm x x x
OULANKA Oulanka Research Station Finland Riku Paavola Riku Paavola x x x
SOD-PALLAS Pallas-Sodankylä Stations Finland Timo Sukuvaara Leena Leppänen x x x
HORNSUND Polish Polar Station Hornsund Svalbard Wlodzimierz Sielski Wlodzimierz Sielski x
SAM Research Station Samoylov Island Russia Anne Morgenstern Anne Morgenstern x x
RFS RIF Field Station Iceland Thorkell Lindberg Thorarinsson Jónína Sigríður Þorláksdóttir x
SER Sermilik Research Station Greenland Thor Markussen Aart Kroon x
SONNBLICK Sonnblick Observatory Austria Elke Ludewig Annett Bartsch Elke Ludewig x x
SPA Spasskaya Pad Scientific Forest Station Russia Trofim Maximov Trofim Maximov x
HEF Station Hintereis Austria Georg Kaser Georg Kaser x
SUDURNES Sudurnes Science and Learning Center Iceland Hanna María Kristjánsdóttir Hanna María Kristjánsdóttir x x
SVARTBERGET Svartberget Research Station Sweden Hjalmar Laudon Hjalmar Laudon Charlotta Erefur x x
SVERDRUP Sverdrup Research Station Svalbard Christina Pedersen x
TRS Tarfala Research Station Sweden Gunhild Rosqvist Gunhild Rosqvist x x x
TOOLIK Toolik Field Station Alaska Brian M. Barnes Syndonia Bret-Harte Skye Greer x x
NERC AS UK Arctic Research Station Svalbard Nick Cox Nicola Munro x
VARRIO Värriö Subarctic Research Station Finland Jaana Bäck Jaana Bäck x x
VRS Villum Research Station Greenland Henrik Skov x
WARC Western Arctic Research Centre Canada Erika Hille x x
ZAC Zackenberg Research Station Greenland Zackenberg Secretariat x x
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