Cleaner Arctic, cleaner world: documenting and reducing pollution

WP8 is designed to focus on emerging contaminants of concern from local sources of pollution and also ensuring that the stations (within the INTERACT network) themselves are not contributing to this pollution. The main objectives of the work package are to work with station managers (WP2) to identify potential sources of emerging contaminants of concern and reduce their impacts by:

  • Identifying and establishing screening monitoring protocols for emerging pollutants and field testing these protocols at INTERACT stations.
  • Working with INTERACT station-managers and researchers to promote and support screening monitoring studies through enhanced networking in this important field of work.
  • Refining existing systems at INTERACT stations to minimize introduction and use of new chemicals/pollutants of concern.

The work package is led by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme’s Secretariat ( AMAP-Sec).

  • D8.1 Catalogue listing local and transboundary emerging pollutants


  • D8.2 Protocols for (target and nontarget) screening of contaminants of emerging concern at INTERACT stations


  • D8.3 Compilation of results from Testing of protocols with Managers at selected INTERACT stations


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