Reindeer on Svalbard. Photo by Margareta Johansson

Improving and harmonizing biodiversity monitoring

The overall objective of Work Package 7 (WP7) is to test the Freshwater and Terrestrial component of the Arctic Council’s,  Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP – at INTERACT stations.

The specific aims of the work package are to:

  • establish an efficient working interface between CBMPCircumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Project. An initiative of CAFF, started in 2000.... More and INTERACT
    test the ArcticDefinitions of the Arctic vary according to environmental, geographical, political, cultural and scientific perspectives. Some scientists define the Arctic as areas having a high latitude, long winters, short, cool summers,... More Freshwater and Terrestrial BiodiversityBiological diversity. The many and varied forms of life on Earth (collectively known as biota). As well as diversity of species (species diversity), there is also diversity within populations of a... More Monitoring Plans at three locations in the field in accordance with relevant CBMP protocols.
  • identify ways in which data generated at INTERACT stations can feed into Arctic Council assessments
  • provide an up-to-date publication on Arctic Biodiversity for the Encyclopaedia of Biodiversity, second edition, Volume 1, published by Academic Press
  • RFS Freshwater and Terrestrial Monitoring Plan


  • Improving and harmonizing biodiversity monitoring workshop report


  • WP7_Improving and harmonizing biodiversity monitoring RIF workshop report


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