The INTERACT Station Managers’ Forum is a platform for exchange of information between research station managers, and between research station managers and other partners in and stakeholders to INTERACT.

The main goal of the INTERACT Station Managers’ Forum is to provide the research community with the best possible facilities and services at arctic and northern cold regions research stations. INTERACT Station Managers’ Forum collects and disseminates information on ‘best practices’ for research station management, and use this knowledge to improve the services at the INTERACT research stations and to provide guidelines for scientists on issues of relevance to their research.

Meetings in the INTERACT Station Managers’ Forum are held 1-2 times per year and are open to partners in INTERACT as well as invited externals (non-consortium members). The meetings are normally held at a consortium partner institution or research station.

Stations play a central role in the development of Station Managers’ Forum printed and online products, and they provide information about their infrastructure for use on the website, in publications and in a GIS tool that allows scientists to identify relevant research stations for their specific needs. They present new developments at their stations and they find inspiration from what others do.

The INTERACT Station Managers’ Forum has a secretariat hosted jointly by University Copenhagen and Aarhus University in Denmark. The secretariat arranges the meetings in the INTERACT Station Managers’ Forum and coordinates much of the work relating to the dissemination of the knowledge being gathered by the Station Managers’ Forum.

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