Below you can find a listing of the projects for TA/RA during the summer 2017 and winter 2017-2018 field seasons, together with short project descriptions (click the links from the project acronym). The listing is under construction, so new projects and descriptions will be added up during spring 2018.

Project AcronymStation(s) Project Title
*EMPTY*SVARTBERGETMicroscale impacts of groundwater/hyporheic upwelling on stream temperature under varying discharges
ALBICESERAlbedo observations on mountain glacier ice in Greenland
ALDYROANSAlien species dynamics along mountain roads
AmpAr-AGESVANHOVD, KILPISAmpAr-AGE_descriptionAmphibians in the Arctic –ageing and growth on the edge
ReTurnKILPIS, SOD-PALLASResampling forest and tundra vegetation after decades of climate and land-use change
AOM-PeatSVARTBERGETAnaerobic Oxidation of Methane: Potentials, Estimation and Transition
ArcticFanZACComparison of geomorphology and dynamics of alluvial and colluvial fans and cones in the Arctic based on examples from Greenland, Svalbard and Iceland
FESTUCAFINI, TOOLIK, KLUANEGenetic diversity in northern grass-endophyte populations
PCEOMWARCPermafrost Coastal Erosion: Observation and Modelling
ICELYNARCSTIce thickness measurements of Lyngmarksbræen, Qeqertarsuaq, west Greenland
GLARETRSGlacier Aerodynamic Roughness Estimation
GRASPTRSGlacier Recession as a Source of Environmental Pollutants
CHECOMSCHAKILPIS, KEVO, OULANKAStream water chemistry in crystalline headwater areas in Finland and Poland
NPFArcticDIR-ITAMolecular steps of New Particle Formation in the ArcticDefinitions of the Arctic vary according to environmental, geographical, political, cultural and scientific perspectives. Some scientists define the Arctic as areas having a high latitude, long winters, short, cool summers,... atmosphere
DATECH3ZAC, SERAsynchronous evolution of glaciers in Greenland Based on Be-10 surface exposure dating techniqu
BIOENGLATRSThe microbiome of englacial habitats
FunCaSTCEN WK, TOOLIKFungal contributions to the carbon cycle of subarctic thermokarst ponds
BEAChGINR, ARCSTBiodiversity and Ecology of the Arctic Intertidal: Changes Over Time
CLAIMTRSClouds Lower the Albedo of Ice Microbiota
GLADWRAGCARSTracing Eskers Beneath Glaciers
ARCTOSTRESKHAResistance to extreme climatic variations of arcto-alpine bumblebees: Biogeography, phylogeny, physiology of hyperthermic stress
REACTRFS, CEN WKGrowth-ring record of modern extreme weather phenomena in the Low Arctic
CARBFLUXZACChemical Weathering and the Inorganic Carbon Flux of a High Arctic River
TreeCan-RTSOD-PALLASValidating microwave radiative transfer models of tree canopies in wintertime
SiberMireKAJClimatic sensitivity of taiga-tundra mire vegetation; a multi-proxy palaeo approach to evaluating changing biome dynamics and C accumulation
SPECDOCHYYTIÄLÄLinking chlorophyll fluorescence from the leaf to the satellite for improved monitoring of boreal forest carbon dynamics
TeaCompARCST, KHIBINYA global litter decomposition study
GLAMSTARARCSTGlacial Meltwater Sediment Transformation in Arctic River systems


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