A benefit provided by an ecosystem that humans enjoy, such as clean water, healthy soils or prevention of erosion. The Millennium EcosystemAll the living organisms (including people) in an area as well as its physical environment, functioning together as a unit. An ecosystem is made up of plants, animals, microorganisms, soil,... More Assessment identified the following groups of ecosystem services:

  • Provisioning services (e.g. food, freshwater, wood)
  • Regulating services (e.g. climateThe average weather we would expect over a long period of time (seasons, years, decades). Climate varies from place-to-place across the Earth. Climate is determined by long-term (over at least... More regulation, flood regulation, water purification)
  • Supporting services (e.g. soil formation, nutrient cycling)
  • Cultural services (e.g. places for recreation, spiritual wellbeing).
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