INTERACT is growing and now we are welcoming a new field site in Russia: the Lammin-Suo Peatland Station. The station is part of the main experimental cluster of State Hydrological Institute (SHI) about 40 minutes from St Petersburg. The research at the Lammin-Suo peatlandPeat is a soil type formed from slowly decomposing vegetation. It is found in wet areas where the lack of oxygen slows the breakdown of plant matter. Peatlands are areas... More station focuses on hydrologyThe study of water in the environment, particularly its amount, movement and quality. It encompasses water in rivers, lakes, glaciers, soil and underground aquifers. The way in which water (liquid and... More, meteorologyThe scientific study of the atmosphere and its phenomena, especially in relation to weather and weather forecasting.... More, soil processes and the landscape evolution of the peatland.

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