The highlight presentations of the INTERACT TA User Community meeting “Current Arctic Research Addressing the Global Challenges of the Future”, arranged on 29th March at the ASSW2022, are now available on-line at the INTERACT YouTube channel.

The event presented the current state-of-the art in Arctic research conducted with support by INTERACT Transnational Access, sparking new connections, networking, collaboration and synthesis to address the major global challenges of the future.

View the highlight presentations on the INTERACT YouTube channel:

Maarja Kruusmaa, Tallinn University of Technology: High tech exploration of water flow inside glaciers

Cath Waller, University of Hull: Biodiversity changes and microplastics on Arctic beaches

Monique Heijmans, Wageningen University & Research: Fragile permafrost ecosystems in Siberian lowland tundra   

Niklas Labba, JNL Sámi Consultant: Ensuring tourism and Arctic Peoples cooperate for mutual benefit

Bert Wouters, Delft University of Technology and Utrecht University:  Melting of Arctic glaciers and ice gaps and its impact on sea level

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