INTERACT –The International Network for Research and Monitoring in the Arctic– is seeking experts from various fields of research from natural sciences to human dimension to join an international pool of experts to help with the scientific evaluation of the INTERACT Transnational Access applications. Currently, experts are especially needed on topics such as land-based and air-borne contaminants and pollutants, genetics, geomorphology, microplastics, permafrost, biogeochemistry, One Health and soil science. However, scientists from other fields of research are also warmly invited to join the INTERACT Expert Pool. Register to the INTERACT Expert Pool here.

INTERACT Expert Pool is a pool of voluntary experts from different fields of research that are invited to assist with the scientific evaluation of individual INTERACT Transnational Access applications requiring specialized knowledge on e.g. certain methodology or field of research that is not represented in the permanent Transnational Access Board. The invited experts submit their evaluations via secure connection in the INTERACCESS on-line application and evaluation system. The evaluators remain anonymous to the applicants during the evaluation process, and they are provided with guidelines to conduct the evaluation. Expert Pool members also sign a confidentiality clause prior to their evaluations.

Transnational Access calls are open annually, with scientific evaluations taking place in late autumn. The experts will help to evaluate individual applications, requiring altogether 1-2 hours of their working time, and are therefore not paid financial compensation for their work. However, the experts invited to evaluate applications will be provided a certificate of their contribution to the INTERACT Expert Pool to be used in their resume.

The INTERACT Expert Pool will be in function until the end of 2023, after which it will automatically close and all information in the pool will be destroyed. Registrants to the INTERACT Expert Pool can also at any time resign or ask to modify their information by e-mailing to the INTERACT Transnational Access coordination (hannele.savela(at)oulu.f)

Register to the INTERACT Expert Pool here. Estimated time to register is 20 min. Registration to the Expert Pool is open continuously, but early registrations by 15th December 2021 are warmly encouraged to involve the experts already in evaluations of the ongoing TA/RA Call.

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