Today the 1 February 2023 at 15.00-16.30 a workshop will be held on CETEcosystem-Atmosphere Interactions – Energy balance and Greenhouse Gas flux Networks.

Data on energy balance and GHG fluxes is needed to improve the accuracy of prediction of future climate scenarios. Over the past decades Earth System Models has begun to include climate feedback mechanisms from e.g. ecosystem GHG exchange and energy budgets in the predictions of the future climate, e.g. as used in IPCC reports.

INTERACT stations represents the full spectrum of instrumentation, i.e. from no monitoring of fluxes to State-of-the-Art infrastructures adhering to international standards, and some have even been at the forefront of the development of instrumentation and guidelines. This ‘State-of-the-Art’ seminar will give an overview of existing flux networks on global and regional scales, provide details of what it takes to be part of a regional flux organisation, and provide information on where to start if the station has not previously worked with monitoring fluxes.



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