INTERACT observer station manager Aleksandr Sokolov in article on methaneA colourless, odourless gas (chemical formula CH4). Some microbesproduce methane. It can also be found in underground deposits. Methane is the main component of natural gas, which is is an important... More eruption in June. 

Earlier this summer new craters were formed on the Yamal peninsula in Siberia due to methane gas explosions. Thawing permafrostPermafrost is frozen ground that remains at or below zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) for two or more years. It forms in regions where the mean annual temperature is... More releases methane that has been trapped under the surface.

Aleksandr Sokolov, station manager of INTERACT observer station ArcticDefinitions of the Arctic vary according to environmental, geographical, political, cultural and scientific perspectives. Some scientists define the Arctic as areas having a high latitude, long winters, short, cool summers,... More Research Station of IPAE of UD of RAS, was on site and documented the area.

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