INTERACT Station Catalogue 2020
INTERACT Station Catalogue 2020
INTERACT publications SMF Publications Station Catalogue 2020

Editors: Marie Frost Arndal and Elmer Topp-Jørgensen

> Download: INTERACT Station Catalogue 2020

This is the third edition of the INTERACT Station Catalogue. It now includes 87 stations in the Arctic and Northern Boreal and Alpine areas. The first edition was published in 2012 and included 44 research stations.

Due to a steadily increasing number of stations, the printed version of the catalogue has been reduced in size to allow room for all 87 station included in the network. Remaining are text sections and selected facts (see table p. 10).

The online edition of the INTERACT Station catalogue includes full text descriptions and all facts about the station, its facilities, monitoring efforts and natural environment. This system includes a search function allowing scientists to search for specific facilities, data (or data gaps) or environmental features of relevance to their study.

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