Today is the first day of POLARIN, a new EU project coordinated by the Alfred Wegener Institute, aiming to advance polar research infrastructure and facilitate interdisciplinary research in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. POLARIN will together with its 50 partners provide access to 64 leading polar research infrastructures worldwide.

There is a critical need for comprehensive understanding and prediction of the complex processes shaping the polar regions, essential for climate research and global climate change mitigation strategies.

INPA (INTERACT Non-Profit Association) is playing a significant part in the project: POLARIN will provide international access to 64 leading polar research infrastructures, including their Arctic and Antarctic research stations, research vessels and icebreakers at both poles, observatories (on land and at sea), data infrastructures, and repositories for ice and sediment cores. Both physical and virtual access will be granted along with remote access (researchers will be able to request samples, datasets and other resources, which will then be gathered / prepared at the respective infrastructure without any need for the requester to be on site).

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