Ten days to the International Premiere in Rome of NORTHWARDS Docu Series!

The Docu series “NORTHWARDS, together for the future” shows a fascinating journey into the Arctic region to discover the places and the main characters of INTERACT, the largest network of research stations spread across the Arctic Circle. Together with Giorgio Lupano, who will lead us through these seven short episodes, we will discover how scientific research is supported in such an extreme environment, to allow scientists from all over the world to understand how the climate is changing and how we can prepare for this disruption.

We are thus excited to announce the International Premiere, taking place on Friday 13th October at Cinema Troisi (Via Girolamo Induno 1, Rome) at 20:00. We are happty to welcome in Rome Prof. Terry Callaghan, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2007 as Lead Author of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) and founder of the international project INTERACT, Margareta Johansson, INTERACT Project Coordinator, and actor Giorgio Lupano, the documentary’s main character. 

The admission is free, however the number of seats is limited, therefore we kindly ask you to contact the INTERACT Secretariat <katharina.beckmann@nateko.lu.se> and/or Ms. Vanessa Spadetto <vanessa@interactassociation.org> to reserve your seats.

The Docu Series will be available on YouTube on October 21st at 21.00 CET, more info here. Stay tuned!




Watch the NORTHWARDS trailer here

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