The chance for Arctic research through Virtual Access to stations increases thanks to new INTERACT partners joining the INTERACT Data Portal.

The latest addition is the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) that offers virtual access to datasets from Italian Arctic station “Dirigibile Italia” in Svalbard. The station is operated by the Institute of Polar Science (ISP) of the Department of Earth Sciences and Technology of the Environment of the CNR.

Other INTERACT partners to join the virtual access provision via the INTERACT Data Portal in the past year were the SITES station Pallas-Sodankylä Station operated by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Tarfala Research Station operated by the Stockholm University, Abisko Scientific Research Station operated by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and the Svartberget Research Station operated by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

INTERACT Data Portal is a gateway to data and information from the Arctic and beyond. The data portal works by harvesting metadata from several organizations and sites with end points to real data on various topics on e.g. earth sciences and ecosystems. The number of datasets available in the portal is growing day by day, including both near real-time observation datasets and unique historical, retrospective data digitized and provided for open access.

Visit the INTERACT Data Portal to unleash the potential of Virtual Access for your research!

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