Work Package 7 (Preparing for a future world: improving education and awareness at all societal levels) has submitted a deliverable report on educational toolkits. This report provides an overview of educational materials, which were produced specifically by INTERACT for lower and upper secondary schools in order to enhance literacy of the Arctic and Arctic Observations among teachers and students. The educational material is foreseen as a tool for promoting natural sciences to students and early recruitment of future potential polar researchers.

The educational materials contain three tool-kits dedicated to the biggest challenges, which currently the Arctic is facing: “The changing Arctic”, “The polluted Arctic”, “The invaded Arctic”. Additionally, a tool-kit “Studying past environments” looks to the past to better understand the present. Each toolkit consists of:
syllabus with introduction, list of basic concepts to remember, a glossary, material for teachers, lesson plan, worksheet for students, some online activities, presentation and recording of author’s lecture. An additional part of the tool-kit is an experiment scenario, which could be performed without special
equipment in classrooms.

The toolkits are available online.

  • Demonstrating Arctic Climate Change_Ocean Currents


  • Demonstrating Arctic Climate Change_Rising sea levels


  • Demonstrating Arctic Climate Change_Pond and peat bog secrets




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