Today INTERACT will be presented at the NSERC PermafrostNet International Day of Permafrost. This is an online meeting featuring a series of presentations introducing organizations and groups working on permafrost such as PERMOS, INTERACT and Permafrost Carbon Network. There will also be presentations on transnational projects and some discursive sessions on issues facing the permafrost research community around the world, coordinating research and data efforts, such as data sharing and interoperability between countries.

The day will provide an opportunity to come together and discuss how the many initiatives around the world can be maximised to secure long-term sustainable support and funding for permafrost research, future shared infrastructure, and how collaboration can raise awareness of the issues caused by thawing permafrost and climate change. There will be a varied and stimulating program of research presentations, interactive activities, and breakout sessions to promote networking and group discussions between members of the permafrost community.

Full programme and more information can be found here.

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