INTERACT non-profit Association (INPA) is participating in Arctic Passion’s first Annual meeting in Marienlyst, Denmark, which is held 27-30 June. INPA is part of work package 1 (Establishing an adaptive and more complete arctic observing system). The agenda comprises of work package meetings, plenary sessions and invited speakers.

The key motivation behind Arctic PASSION is the co-creation and implementation of a coherent, integrated Arctic observing system: the ‘Pan-Arctic Observing System of Systems – pan-AOSS’. It aims to overcome known flaws in the present observing system by refining its operability, improving, and extending pan-Arctic scientific and community-based monitoring and the integration with Indigenous and Local knowledge, by streamlining the access and interoperability of Arctic Data systems and services, and by ensuring the economic viability and sustainability of the observing system for years to come.

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