In the carbon cycle, the transfer of carbon from one ‘pool’ to another. Scientists try to work out the rate of flux, i.e. how much carbon is transferred in a given time period, such a per year. Carbon fluxes along pathways generally vary, for example plants take up more carbon from the atmosphere during the daytime than at night, and during the growing season.

  • > Mukhrino Field Station

    Field Sites

    STATION NAME AND OWNER Mukhrino Field Station ( was established as a part of the UNESCO chair Environmental dynamics and global climate change (EDCC) of Yugra State

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  • > TA Ambassadors

    INTERACT TA Ambassadors are scientists who have conducted research at INTERACT stations with the support from Transnational Access. TA Ambassadors share knowledge –based on their

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  • > Carbon cycle


    Describes how carbon moves around the environment. It is an example of a biogeochemical cycleBiogeochemical cycles are pathways that chemicals take as they move between living

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