The 4° ICOS Summer School on Challenges in GHG measurements and modeling will be held in Hyytiälä, Finland, 24 May – 2 June 2017.

The 4th ICOS Summer School (previously known as InGOS/TTorch Summer School) “Challenges in measurements of greenhouse gases and their interpretation” will again be held in 2017 at the INTERACT Station Hyytiälä in Finland. The school will be organized in four sections:

– EcosystemAll the living organisms (including people) in an area as well as its physical environment, functioning together as a unit. An ecosystem is made up of plants, animals, microorganisms, soil,... More fluxes and measurements

– Atmospheric composition and measurements (in-situ and remote sensing)

– Modelling of the global climateThe average weather we would expect over a long period of time (seasons, years, decades). Climate varies from place-to-place across the Earth. Climate is determined by long-term (over at least... More, carbon cycleDescribes how carbon moves around the environment. It is an example of a biogeochemical cycle. See also carbon flux. In recent years the carbon cycle has been studied intensively in order to... More, atmospheric transport and chemistryThe study of matter at the atomic and molecular scale.... More

– Data management and cloud (‘big data’) methods

Lecturers include: Christoph Gerbig, Martin Heimann, Maarten Krol, Wouter Peters, Anders Lindroth, Greet Maenhout and Timo Vesala.

Who can participate: The school is mainly oriented to PhD students, but a number of PostDocs and master students preparing to start a Doctorate will be accepted. The school is also open to staff working at ICOS stations that would like to deepen or refresh their knowledge on the subject. The scope of the Summer School is of course closely related to the European Research Infrastructure ICOS, and related H2020 projects  ENVRI+ , COOP+ and RINGO, the latter providing training for scientists from countries that are aiming to join ICOS. Completion of this Summer School will deliver you 7 ECTS credit points).

You can apply by completing a form at

The application deadline is 1 February 2017.

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