Preparations for the approaching summer field season are taking place with increasing speed, and the next months will see a record number of user groups conducting research with support from INTERACT Transnational Access.

Altogether 61 user groups are currently preparing for their Transnational Access visits to 33 INTERACT stations in the northernmost Europe, North-America, Svalbard, Greenland and Russian Federation, as well as to stations located in north-atlantic, northern alpine and boreal forest regions.

The topics of the TA projects represent various fields of science, ranging from ecosystems and biodiversity to biogeochemical cycling and human dimension. A listing of the projects selected for Transnational Access in s/s 2019 and a/w 2019-20 will be available on the INTERACT website in May.  Detailed project descriptions will be added along the summer field season. You will also be able to follow some of the scientists during their field work from the INTERACT Arctic Research Blogs and from our Instagram account @EU-INTERACT.

Transnational Access is offered to 43 research stations in INTERACT network in 2016-2020, so there will still be plenty of opportunities available for research when the next TA Call opens in Aug-Sept 2019!

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