INTAROS is carrying out an assessment of the present Arctic observation capacity and is now opening its questionnaire to external collaborators. It is accessible through the INTAROS web page and everyone is welcome to circulate it among their contacts.

This survey addresses ArcticDefinitions of the Arctic vary according to environmental, geographical, political, cultural and scientific perspectives. Some scientists define the Arctic as areas having a high latitude, long winters, short, cool summers,... More in-situ observations of the ocean, atmosphere, terrestrial sphere and cryospherePlaces on earth where water is in its solid form, frozen into ice or snow. This includes polar regions but also high altitude areas (high mountains). In a region's winter,... More, retrieved through established networks/observing systems as well as individual large projects. The scope of the survey is to collect the information needed to assess the existing Arctic in-situ observing systems in terms of data delivery chain, accessibility, and spatial-temporal coverage. The repository of the answers will enhance the visibility of the assessed data, and will facilitate data discovery for stakeholders and data users.

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