Work Package 3 – Giving access to the Arctic – has produced a deliverable report on Virtual Access in INTERACT, which is now available for download below or via this link. All deliverable reports are available on the INTERACT website under “Deliverables“.

Virtual Access (VA) means free on-line access for users to metadata and datasets collected and maintained by the organizations and research infrastructures offering VA in INTERACT III. In total, VA will be offered by 29 INTERACT partner organizations by the end of the project period in 2023. At the moment, ten organizations have already joined VA provision through the new INTERACT Data Portal that was launched in March 2021. The other nineteen VA providers will join the data portal during the second half of the project period, and until then offer VA through the previous version of the Virtual Access Single Entry Point that was established in INTERACT II.



  • D3.3 VA Assessment Report 1


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