The Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences has formally agreed to co-fund two calls under Horizon2020 Societal Challenge 5:

– LC-CLA-08-2018 – Knowledge Gaps. Deadlines: 27 Feb 2018 (first stage) – 04 Sep 2018 (Second Stage)

– LC-CLA-07-2019 – The CryospherePlaces on earth where water is in its solid form, frozen into ice or snow. This includes polar regions but also high altitude areas (high mountains). In a region's winter,... More. Deadlines: 19 Feb 2019 (first stage) – 04 Sep 2019 (Second Stage)

Indian Institutions that will be part of a consortium selected for funding under the above mentioned topics will receive financial support from Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences through the H2020 co-funding mechanism.

More information can be found at the European Commission

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