Today marks a special day for our marine friends and colleagues at MOSAiC – the German research icebreaker Polarstern has set sail from Tromsø, Norway, to spend a year drifting through the ArcticDefinitions of the Arctic vary according to environmental, geographical, political, cultural and scientific perspectives. Some scientists define the Arctic as areas having a high latitude, long winters, short, cool summers,... More Ocean – trapped in ice. The goal of the MOSAiC expedition is to take the closest look ever at the Arctic as the epicenter of global warmingThe enhanced greenhouse effect due to human activity and the resulting widely accepted rising average temperature near the surface of the Earth since the late 19th century (and its projected... More and to gain fundamental insights that are key to better understand global climate changeAccording to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, climate change is change in the climate of the whole Earth or a region of the Earth that is believed... More. Hundreds of researchers from 19 countries take part in this exceptional endeavour.

Find out more here on MOSAiC’s website. Or follow the expedition here.

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