When preparing for fieldwork, there is a wealth of things to keep in mind and to make decisions about. Communication and navigation are essential elements of conducting science in cold and remote areas of the world. Therefore, INTERACT and APECS have joined forces to initiate a collection of recommendations and handy tips. This guidebook aims at increasing your understanding of fieldwork-related communication and navigation to make your fieldwork experience safe and successful. The book has been developed by early career scientists and station managers with the aims of providing a resource for anyone performing fieldwork at arctic research stations and elsewehere in the polar and alpine regions of the world.

The INTERACT Fieldwork Communication and Navigation Guidebook can be downloaded for free on the APECS website as well as on the INTERACT website. Printed copies are available upon request through INTERACT and the APECS office. The guidebook is closely linked with other INTERACT publications such as the INTERACT Management Planning Handbook, the INTERACT Fieldwork Planning Handbook and the INTERACT Practical Field Guide.

Cover photo: Gunhild Rosqvist

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