You are welcome to join the meeting of the INTERACT TA User Community entitled “INTERACT Transnational, Remote and Virtual Access: The past, the present and the future”, taking place on the Business and Community Meetings day of the ASSW2023 on 20th February at 14:00-15:30 CET (UTC+2).

The event will highlight the concept of access provision to Arctic, boreal and northern alpine research stations offered by the INTERACT network and showcase the world-class research conducted at the stations with support from INTERACT Transnational Access. The meeting will reflect on the legacy, feedback and lessons learnt from the ten years of experience on access provision in INTERACT, and look into the future possibilities, opportunities and scenarios of access provision in the future.

The event is arranged in hybrid format with options for in-person and on-line attendance and open for everyone interested. To attend the meeting, simply register to the ASSW2023 at (if you opt for the one-day registration, choose “Business and Community Meetings“ on 20th February).


Agenda of the meeting

20th Feb 2023 at 14:00-15:30 CET
Hybrid event, on-site at ASSW2023 in Vienna

14:00-14:15    Opening and Welcome    Hannele Savela (Chair)

14:15-15:00    SESSION 1 Highlight presentations
14:15-14:30     “Looking for radioactive contamination in the High Arctic”  Giovanni Baccolo, Paul Scherrer Institut
14:30-14:45     “Enhancing our Understanding of Nitrogen Dynamics in Arctic Streams through Collaborative Sampling”    Ada Pastor, University of Girona
14:45-15:00     “Research experiences along a latitudinal transect within the INTERACT network”   Oriol Grau, University of Antwerpen

15:00-15:30    SESSION 2 Panel discussion    Hannele Savela (Chair)
Among panellists: TA users, station representatives, EPB Executive Secretary, INTERACT project coordinators and more

Discussion on User experience, Experience on TA/RA/VA provision, Future directions of access provision
Questions for the audience: How to solve RA and Va challenges? What would benefit RA and VA the most?
Reflections or comments to the discussion by the panellists

PDF version of the Agenda of the meeting

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