Euro-BioImaging is organizing within the eRImote Project the first Expert Group IV meeting about Remote Instrument Control on March 27th from 10:30 to 12:00 PM CET.

Rafael Camacho DejayJens Berndtsson, and Erin Cocks from University of Gothenburg as well as Rainer Wanzenberg from DESY will introduce us to the main issues related to remote instrument control such as Remote monitoring and troubleshooting, data collection, remote connections, IT concerns, and automation of laboratory procedures in life sciences and physics.

The Expert Group IV on Remote Instrument Control will also answer some main interrogations such as how remote access is performed in each domain; what are the instruments involved, solutions, software’s; how the safety of the control is ensured (authentication verification); and many more.

Register your interest using the link below to receive the zoom meeting invitation.


About eRimote project and Expert Groups

The eRImote project (European Research Infrastructures – Pathway to Improved Resilience through Digital and Remote Access) aims to identify strategies and solutions to enable the transition to more remote and digital access to Research Infrastructure (RI) services across ESFRI domains. You can learn more about the pathway to reach objectives and the work packages included in the project on the e-Rimote website.
WP3 “Remote Access Landscape Analysis” is responsible for collecting and analysing data on the current status and challenges of remote/digital access to Research infrastructure Services. The eRimote project team has therefore created five Expert Groups dedicated to addressing various questions related to Remote and Digital Access Provision:

  • Expert Group I on Quality Assurance and User Experience o Remote/Virtual Access (INTERACT Non-Profit Association, INPA)
  • Expert Group II on Data sharing, Data access and security (CESSDA-UKDS and CESSDA-ISSDA)
  • Expert Group III on Remote training for RI staff and researchers (Euro-BioImaging)
  • Expert Group IV on Remote Instrument control (Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub)
  • Expert Group V on International access and accessibility of RI services (Instruct-ERIC)

You can see the full description of each Expert Group here. Please register your interest to one or more Expert Group if you have experience with the topics. The outcome sof the discussion of the Expert Groups’ meetings will feed into the eRimote Green Paper to foster the transition to a digital/remote provision of research infrastructure services across all RI domains.


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