Almost one hundred excellent photographers from the INTERACT Community participated in the INTERACT Photo Competition. We received almost 800 pictures for the nine different categories, i.e. Arctic Fieldwork, Climate Change, Glaciers, Landscapes, Local Communities, People, Remote Field Camps, The Research Station, Wildlife and Plants. The pictures have been evaluated by an international evaluation committee, and we are now able to announce the results of the competition. Follow this link to see the three best pictures in each category.

The INTERACT Photo Competition has been made with the main purpose of collecting pictures for a coffee table book about arctic research. The INTERACT secretariat is working on the book with a planned publication late in September 2020. We are happy to have so many excellent photographers in the INTERACT Community, and we look forward to show you many more pictures in the INTERACT Coffee Table Book.

We are grateful to all who participated. Thank you ever so much.

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