The ‘INTERACT Photo Competition 2020’ is being held to collect good pictures taken by the INTERACT community and its friends for publication in a coffee table book with the purpose of promoting INTERACT to stakeholders, the general public and beyond. ‘Arctic Research Stations – Research facilities, environment, communities’ is planned to consist of nine chapters covering different themes and with main focus on pictures of very high quality. Each chapter will start with a short text  introducing the theme of the chapter, and each picture will be accompanied by a short text explaining what is going on in the picture and the name of the photographer. The coffee table book is planned to be published in September 2020.


The photo competition will include the following themes:

  • The Research Station
  • Arctic Fieldwork
  • Remote Field Camps
  • Climate Change
  • Landscapes
  • Wildlife and Plants
  • People
  • Local Communities
  • Glaciers

A winning photo will be selected for each theme, and a number of photos for each theme will be selected for the coffee table book.

How to participate

Everyone who consider themselves members of the INTERACT community can participate in the photo competition. By submitting photos to the photo competition, you allow us to use the photos free-of-charge in the INTERACT coffee table book
INTERACT Photo Competition 2020.

What to submit


High quality color photos in ‘tif’ or ‘jpg’ file formats with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The filename of each photo shall include (i) the theme it is related to, (ii) in case you submit more than one photo for each theme, a serial number of the photo in brackets, and (iii) name of photographer (example: ‘Arctic Fieldwork (1), Morten Rasch.jpg’). Each photographer is only allowed to submit up to three pictures for each theme. If your pictures are chosen for the book, we will need a permission from each person occurring in your pictures for the publication of the picture. Therefore, please make sure that you will be able to ask each person in your pictures for permission to publish the picture.

Associated wordfile

A Word-file with description of each of the photos you submit shall accompany the submitted photos. The Word-file shall be named with your name (example: ‘Morten Rasch.doc’) and for each picture include (i) the filename of the picture, (ii) a short text describing the content of the picture, and (iii) a place name and country name describing, where the picture was taken, and the year in which the picture was taken.

Where to submit

Pictures and word file for the competition shall be sent to Morten Rasch – Use WeTransfer or similar if your files are too large for transfer via normal e-mail.


The deadline for submission of pictures is 15 April 2020.

Selection process and award

An evaluation committee consisting of excellent photographers from across the Arctic will evaluate the incoming photos. The winner for each category will receive a diploma signed by the members of the evaluation committee. The world famous photographer Carsten Egevang will lead the evaluation committee and will process the pictures being selected for publication. All participants in the competition will receive a free copy of the coffee table book. The results of the photo competition will be announced around 15 May 2020.

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