Help us to train the INTERACT Machine Learning Algorithm (IMLA) to sort datasets in the INTERACT Data Portal by tagging datasets in our online training platform! Awesome INTERACT products will be sent to those fifty people who have tagged the highest number of datasets when the challenge closes. The ten highest scoring taggers will, in addition, receive a special prize: an INTERACT hoodie customized especially for the IMLA tagging challenge!

Joining the tagging challenge is simple:

  • Create yourself user credentials to the online training platform at
  • Log in to the training platform and start tagging the datasets by their title and keywords. IMLA will learn as you go on with the tagging, and the more datasets you tag, the steeper and faster the learning curve.

Take part in this exciting campaign and help to unleash the potential of machine learning and Virtual Access data for your research!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
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