Our colleagues in EU Polarnet 2 arranged a well-attended workshop on 7th June 2022!

The workshop discussions were extremely productive and will provide plenty of material for the actionable policy-level recommendations towards the Integrated Polar Observing System that are being put together based on the workshop results.

The workshop was arranged aiming to facilitate better alignment of observing system efforts in the Arctic and Antarctic, and to create actionable policy-level recommendations to accelerate the development of an integrated polar observing system. The integrated polar observing system would, once operational, provide a coordinated “system of systems” for continuous and standardized data and societally relevant information on the state of the polar regions.

The recommendations resulting from the workshop will feed into a white paper published in 2023 and distributed to a wide range of policymakers and funding bodies. The workshop participants will have a possibility to join a task force preparing the white paper where the recommendations will be included.

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