Work Package 2, Station Managers’ Forum, is producing a new pocket guide on how to reduce CO2 emissions from Arctic science. First of all, a deliverable report has been written, which is available for download below or under “Deliverables” on the main page. A physical pocket guide (and downloadable pdf) is in the making, so please keep your eyes open for an announcement on its arrival.

The polar scientific community is engaged in various types of fieldwork, conferences, training and collaborations, which all come with a significant carbon footprint. Many are concerned about climate change and its impact on the environment. This may especially be true for those working in the Arctic, an area warming three times as quickly as the rest of the world, and where the impact of climate change is
clearly visible. The report focuses on researchers engaged in arctic science. However, much of the material is also applicable to others who are looking to reduce their environmental impact in other research activities.


  • D2.7 Pocket guide on how to reduce CO2 emissions from Arctic science


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