The T-MOSAiC/INTERACT Call for Stations Managers Support is now open and ready to receive requests and will be open until March 23.
Please read carefully the disclaimer before submission and then proceed using this link.

After submission date all submissions will be verified by the T-MOSAiC secretariat and sent to INTERACT for final decision.

INTERACT is a founding partner of the IASC project Terrestrial Multidisciplinary distributed Observatories for the Study of Arctic Connections (T-MOSAiC), with the aim to promote the sharing of information, observations and samples from areas close to INTERACT Stations. INTERACT could contribute to T-MOSAIC in three different ways:
1) INTERACT has Virtual Access to many stations. This means that data is available online and open to everyone through our web site:
2) INTERACT can send a request to station managers for a specific dataset/field sample. Please keep in mind that INTERACT stations do not have any funds allocated for this work, so we cannot guarantee that they will contribute, but we can send the request that is gathered through this exercise.
3) INTERACT has an annual call for Remote Access. You can apply and ask the station managers to take samples for you. The stations then have funds to do the actual work. The next call will be out in August/September. Read more about Remote Access on:

More details can be found in the pdf-file below.


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